Acne + The Toll It Takes on Your Self-Esteem

Acne causing low self-esteem is only beginning to be talked about.

With blogs, selfies are so commonplace, they’re practically required. So, I feel the pressure.

I have to admit, though, I’m really struggling to teach myself to take selfies and be OK with what I see.

Even though my skin is now clear, years of acne left me with years of looking in the mirror + feeling let down. Photos were something I often dodged if I could. Makeup was a mask I was afraid of taking off – even at home.

And my acne wasn’t the worst level someone could have. I had it easier than others, but was suffering in self-esteem all the same.

It’s a Mistake to Overlook the Mental Impact Acne Has on Us

Whatever level of acne feels like a struggle, is also where it can become an internal weight. Maybe because of a feeling of failure, though you’re trying so hard?

Somehow that crimped self-esteem can bleed over into your general self-confidence. If you feel you’re hiding, your body language can reflect that.

I will be the first to say, whether you are struggling with mild acne or severe acne the mental impact can be the same. Your experience is valid. And I’m sending you a hug.

Seeing It, Acknowledging It, + Pushing Past It

This blog is a big test in confidence. And a definite kick in the butt to try to face my fears and overcome them. It’s an old wall I’m building up the courage to break past. Feels a lot like ripping a bandage, letting your guard down, and being OK with imperfect results as you learn.

I hope watching me try to push through lingering acne mental scars (if we can call it that?) will let someone else feel seen.

If I look stiff in photos, I’m mentally telling myself not to run.

So here goes. Hi!

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