Fungal Acne Review: Noble Formula 2% Pyrithione Zinc Argan Bar Soap

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All opinions are honest + my own. All products are put through a 2 week test period conducted on myself.

Why It’s Useful

The best fungal acne treatment for sensitive skin!

Alright, bacne/chestne time!

Switching to a non-SLS/SLES/ALS shampoo + body soap did wonders here. As did a conditioner without coconut oil, shea, and silicones.

But I still had a flare that started almost 2 years ago that just would not respond to any treatment. It just persisted. Until I found the blog Simple Skincare Science where he broke down fungal acne + how to treat it. (Go check out his blog! It’s fab.) Turns out, a key sign of fungal acne is non-response to acne treatments.

Ew. Fungal. I know! But it’s just an imbalance of what’s naturally present on our skin.

Quick Take

Enter this guy: Noble Formula 2% Pyrithione Zinc Argan Bar Soap ($13). This guy WORKS. It calms my skin, moisturizes it, and visibly keeps fungal acne at bay. (Side note: it’s also formulated to help with psoriasis + eczema, but I’m not able to test for that.)

I tried a whole bunch of fungal acne products, some of which were too strong for my skin. And this is the only one that visibly helped while not causing irritation + more breakouts. It took me over a year to find something that worked!

Sensitive Skin Acne Review

Pyrithione Zinc is an antifungal to try to get things back to a more balanced state. Most times, it’s paired with SLS, which doesn’t help sensitive skin + kept aggravating it into more breakouts.

The Argan and Olive in this are meant to keep skin moisturized and happy so your skin’s better able to do its job at protecting itself + looking cute. Since my sensitive skin can overreact when I use strong acne products, a gentle formula like this is key.

It also has oats in it to give it a gentle, physical exfoliation. My general rule is to avoid physical exfoliation, but that’s for the face (keeping it to only 1ce a week, max).

Body skin is tougher than facial skin (yes, that’s a thing) and can handle it. Though I wouldn’t test that too far. In this bar’s case, the exfoliation hasn’t been an issue. And I’ve been using it for 6 months now. Does it need the exfoliation? Honestly, I don’t know! But it hasn’t harmed, so I’ll consider it neutral.


Here's how to get rid of fungal acne, while being kind to sensitive skin!
  • While showering, be sure to apply + allow it to sit on your skin for 2-5mins. Let it marinate. You want to give the Pyrithione Zinc a chance to do its job.
  • Store it away from direct shower water as would likely melt.
  • Though it’s $13 for a bar, it lasts about 1.5mos, if you only use it for affected areas. You can also buy a set of 3 bars for $33 (which brings the bar price down to about $10 each).

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