Is It Hormonal Acne or Your Toothpaste?

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All opinions are honest + my own. All products are put through a 2 week test period conducted on myself.

At the 2 week mark of my Test-Avoid experiment, my face was basically clear of new breakouts except for a few near my mouth. Before, I would write these off as classic hormonal chin acne.

But, I had noticed some would occasionally appear at the center of my Cupid’s bow, somewhere between lips & nose (a perverse version of a beauty mark), or near the corner of my lips. That placement, especially at the center of my Cupid’s bow, seemed a little too outside the normal hormonal acne chin zone.

Photo by Alina Kovalchuk on Unsplash

I decided to take these outliers as a clue that perhaps there was still a puzzle piece hidden somewhere in my daily regimen.

On a hunch, I checked my toothpaste’s ingredient list & found (*cue swears*) one of my test-avoid ingredients. A light online dig (bada bing, bada boom) unearthed articles noting toothpaste was indeed a culprit for some people, backing up my theory.

Ran back to the store & bought the only toothpaste I could get my hands on that fit my test’s parameters.

Those stubborn pimples around the true “hormonal” chin area?  Disappeared. In days.

What I was experiencing wasn’t hormonal acne, it was a drip-line reaction to the SLS in my toothpaste. 

Can I experience hormonal acne?  For sure, like any human girl.  But all the time?  Not me once I switched to a non-SLS toothpaste. 

I just wish I had bumped into that FYI years ago. About a $5 toothpaste investment prevented at least $50 in zit targeting creams & moisturizers. Moisturizers mainly to try to combat the overdrying & peeling that acne targeting products usually caused on my skin.

What’s that saying? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?

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