My Tried + Trues

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

The Master List

Sensitive skin products that passed the test are broken down by type + can be found when hovering over “My Tried + Trues”, then “Master Product List” in the Menu Bar.

I have personally tested all of these products for at least 2 weeks + have liked them.

Quick Notes, Worth Knowing

Since discovering I have sensitive skin, I’ve spent several years trying products + testing different routines.

From my personal experience, treating sensitive skin acne begins in the shower. What is used daily to cleanse us can sometimes be a major hidden factor.

Oh, Sensitive Skin, You.

Bear in mind, sensitive skin & easily sensitized skin has a range with some people more intensely affected than others. (Think reaction level.)

Also, not everyone reacts to the same ingredients, even in the sensitive skin world.

Basically, though we do have things in common, we are also a bit of a catch-all.

Listen to your skin & follow its lead. Come to know its dislikes just as you would learn what your body’s not cool with eating.

As I hope for this site to be a gathering point for others with similar skin needs, I welcome feedback & want to hear how they’ve worked for you!

I will leave an open comment section below each product list.


  • PLEASE NOTE: I do not appear to react to fragrance. Please be aware.
  • PM = Night Regime, before bed
  • AM = Morning Regime, when you wake
  • Not everyone reacts to the same ingredients. Listen to your skin & follow its lead.
  • Learn your skin’s ingredient likes + dislikes.
  • Remember we each can have different levels of reactivity to the same ingredient or product. That’s our uniqueness at play.

Signs You Should Discontinue Use

As there is likely an ingredient that doesn’t agree with your skin. Don’t “tough it out”. Keep the ingredient list to help identify your suspect ingredient in the future.

  • Burning / Sharp Tingling / Stinging
  • Redness
  • Rash / Hives
  • Itching
  • Tightness / “Squeaky Clean Feeling”
  • Fresh Breakout After Introducing New Product