Product Reviews

Sensitive skin acne is a unique beast. What works for others can trip us up in no time.

It could be a cleansing agent that’s just a bit too strong for us, a moisturizer that’s a bit too heavy for us, or a product mixture that’s asking our skin to do too much.

I’m out there constantly testing products over at least a 2 week period to see if it’s truly a match or if it only looks like it in the beginning. Some pass + others fail. (That’s product review life baby!)

I asked my Instagram followers if they wanted to hear about the fails + you overwhelmingly told me yes! You spoke + I’m here for you. The fails will be discussed from the point of view of sensitive skin acne + will attempt to highlight why didn’t it work for our needs. Remember, those with more resilient skin types might be able to use them without issue.

Where do I find products to test? Lots and lots of research! If you want to suggest some for me to try in the future – I’m all ears! Comment here or DM me on Instagram. I’d be happy to check it out and consider testing it.

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