Sensitive Skin Acne Review: Avalon Organics Intense Defense Cleansing Gel with Vitamin C

Why It’s Useful

An old favorite that I’ve loved so much, I’ve given to friends! It’s a great facial cleanser to have in your back pocket. I don’t typically like to recommend a cleanser you can’t use daily, but this one’s so cheap + has such great results that it doesn’t concern me.

Vitamin C is a building block of new skin. It’s an antioxidant that protects skin against damage, it helps even skin tone, and also promotes collagen production.

Quick Take

Avalon Organics Intense Defense Cleansing Gel with Vitamin C ($6). If you’re looking for something that gives bland-looking skin a lovely glow, this delivers on the 1st wash. I mean, a $6 gel cleanser that does that? Yumm!

Leaping Bunny ✔️
Vegan ✔️
Some Organic Ingredients

Sensitive Skin Acne Review

With the Vitamin C in this, I found it works best when used on alternate days. It can be a little too much for my skin if used daily for a while. (I tried!)

Sensitive skin has a lower threshold for tolerating some ingredients that others, with more resilient skin, are able to handle higher doses of. Vitamin C is one of those. Sensitive skin needs to toe in slowly + be allowed to get accustomed to it. Once it does, it’s such a helpful ingredient.

I do not foresee an adjustment period with this facewash as I find that’s more of an issue with Vitamin C serums or moisturizers. However, it’s good to know of. If your skin says stop by becoming red, back off from Vitamin C for a few days. You can also wash it off with cool water, if you need + let your skin rest.

Some of us with the most sensitive skin might not be able to tolerate it. Listen to your skin + follow its lead.


  • If your skin is unused to Vitamin C, especially with us sensitive skin types, introduce this slowly, say 1-2x a week with gap days in between.
  • If you’re in sun at all, be sure to apply SPF as Vitamin C ups skin sensitivity to sun (burns more easily). Don’t cause damage while improving skin!

We’re Diverse in Our Skin’s Reactions, So Some FYI’s:

Some people can have an allergy to citrus, aloe, or lavender. Each is not a common allergy, but worth knowing about.

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