Sensitive Skin Acne Review: Jāsön Sea Fresh Strengthening Paste

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Why It’s Useful

Spoke about it before, but toothpaste is actually a part of my acne prevention. 5 years ago, I never thought that toothpaste mattered to skin. I’ve since learned otherwise.

If it has sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS/SLES) or ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS), it will cause varying levels of breakouts near my lips or a vague line from lip edge down. When I swap the toothpaste, the breakout disappears on its own.

More recently I noticed fluoride causes a mild case of acne, too – in toothpaste or mouthwash. I didn’t notice it until I removed SLS/SLES/ALS, which removed almost all area acne. So, I started exploring fluoride-free toothpaste options. (Why deal with occasional, but consistent toothpaste caused spots when you can nix all?)

Quick Take

Jāsön Sea Fresh Strengthening Paste is SLS/ALS + fluoride-free, so I was hoping it would work. Each of those ingredients have been trouble points for my skin – removing the ingredient showed improvement on its own.

Unfortunately, this one caused sores to develop in my mouth within the 1st few days of using. And my mouth felt achy (or sensitized?). With time, both did go away. However, during the time I used this, I had a very low-grade breakout on my chin that stopped when I stopped using this.

Sensitive Skin Acne Review

I don’t like removing fluoride, but I’ve noticed the breakout issue both with toothpastes + a mouthwash that had fluoride. I don’t want to compromise good tooth health for good skin. Still searching for a way to support both.

To me, initial sores + ache mark something worth skipping, though both technically went away while using. That says to me there was something that disagreed with my skin, though my skin appears to have adapted to it after about week. Is it really worth wading through an uncomfortable adjustment? I don’t think you should have to. Then there was the very low-grade breakout during; I’m aiming for no breakout during + a happy mouth.

So what could have caused the discomfort + sores? Probably one of the natural extracts or oils – there are a bunch. Remember: natural does not mean risk-free. (Think of poison ivy, bad mushrooms, food allergies – I mean, eggplant hates me). Which natural ingredient caused the reaction is unclear. There were a bunch of new ones for me. Time will tell which it was.

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