Sensitive Skin Acne Review: Kala Health MSM Skin + Facial Gel

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All opinions are honest + my own. All products are put through a 2 week test period conducted on myself.

MSM benefits include being a great hormonal acne moisturizer and fungal acne moisturizer.

Why It’s Useful

MSM is in the sulfur family, but without a scent (amazing!). Sulfur itself has been used for acne since the days of Cleopatra and was also a fixture in Roman baths, where it was said to provide skin softness among other things. Sulfur can be a great help for stubborn hormonal acne. And, in the case of this product, is approved for that jerk fungal acne per Simple Skincare Science.

Sulfur helps with balancing oil production, is both antibacterial + antifungal, and is said to be anti-inflammatory. In short, it’s helpful with managing acne and oil levels.

Quick Take

Kala Health MSM Skin and Facial Gel ($15) is an under the radar babe of a product, in my book, and is used as a gel moisturizer.

I’ve been using this guy off and on for over a year + often forget just how useful it is. It’s not sexy looking, but I’ve been super happy with the results. It’s been a great help when I’m battling hormonal acne or noticed a general breakout. It doesn’t dry out the skin at all; it only balances oiliness, which is surprisingly effective for acne help.

While using, my skin has felt soft + does appear moisturized, though not highly moisturized. That could just be because you feel it dialing down oil levels, so no firm impression on how well moisturized it is.

Transferring it to a beautiful bottle is an easy aesthetic fix, if you want to compliment the great results with an equally pretty container.

Sensitive Skin Acne Review

Acne-prone sensitive skin responds best to products that treat it gently. You can’t go full force at a breakout the way you would with more resilient skin types. Instead, you need something that provides skin benefits – typically moisturizing and soothing – while gently treating a breakout.

Sulfur (and MSM) is one of those great ingredients for sensitive skin acne. From this gel moisturizer to a spot treatment, sulfur has really impressed me.

It’s able to gently lower oil levels without drying out + aggravating sensitive skin like other traditional treatments such as benzoyl peroxide does or high salicylic acid can.

I’ve found this product helps keep skin soft + moisturized, too, which is a great help. That’s what I always aim for with sensitive skin acne treatments – without that moisturizing quality the treatment usually fails.


  • This can be used as an AM or PM gel moisturizer.
  • The texture of this product doesn’t mix well with oils applied directly after. There’s a texture clash + they’re not able to blend.
  • So far, I’ve found it’s best used as a final step. If you explore + find you can layer something else on top, I’d love to hear!

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