Sensitive Skin Resources

For anyone who wants to learn more (I love you), below are some suggestions. They’ve helped me along the way in learning about sensitive skin acne.

Skincare Books

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All opinions are honest + my own. All products are put through a 2 week test period conducted on myself.

Sensitive Skin Learning by Topic

Your Skin Barrier + the Acid Mantle

Stuff about our skin barrier’s function + how it’s an awesome help for glowy, healthy skin.

Skin Barrier Function — Deep Dives

Adjusting Acne Treatments for Sensitive Skin Acne

Skincare Ingredients, How Skin Works, And Other Stuff:


Light Read:
Deeper Dive:

Different Types of Pimples (with Pictures)

“11 Skin Bumps That Look Like Pimples But Aren’t” by Insider with contributions from dermatologists Dr. Heather Downes, Dr. Susan Bard, Dr. Jerome Potozkin, and Dr. Debra Jaliman as well as Dr. Hardik Soni.

Fungal Acne (aka Malassezia folliculitis)


“Fungal acne causes and treatments” by Dr. Yoram Harth

Fungal Acne Ingredient Engine

Insert Ingredient List to Test for Fungal Acne Safety

Lists of Fungal Acne Products

“The Fungal Acne Treatment Bible” – Master Product List of Simple Skincare Science (Blog)

Found + Haven’t Vetted, But Adding in Case It Helps Somone: Reddit Fungal Acne Approved Product List

Skin Types + Adjusting Skin Care by Skin Type (Dry, Combination, Oily)

Oily Skin:
Normal Skin
Combination Skin
Dry Skin

Glossaries + Ingredient Research

Byrdie’s Essential Dictionary of Skincare Ingredients (<- linked)

  • A nice little toe-in.

Paula’s Choice Ingredient Glossary (<- linked)

  • I haven’t tested Paula’s Choice products, yet, but this list appears useful + well developed.

The Klog (<- linked)

  • Fab Low-Bar Ingredient Learning + Korean Beauty Info:

What’s in My Jar (<-linked)

  • A fabulous product research engine that teaches you about ingredients as you research potential for irritation + product efficacy.
  • Co-founded by dermatologists, including contact dermatitis specialist Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, author of Beyond Soap (who is amazing!).
  • (Contact dermatitis = a skin irritation or rash caused by something that touched your skin.)