Skincare Routine Pro Tip: Don’t Switch It Up Often

Little Reminder: You don’t need to switch up your skincare routine each day.

All the routine suggestions out there can make it feel like daily changes are good + everyone’s doing it.

Making custom skincare routine can take a minute, but be sure not to become a product junkie.

It’s better to see the many routines as alternative suggestions. It’s perfectly fine to repeat a skincare routine day after day!

In fact, constantly changing the products in your regime can cause more problems than it’s worth. Frequent changes can cause your skin to become overwhelmed + thrown off balance. And that can invite irritation + acne.

So long as the repeated routine is gentle, it can be a great benefit to repeat and give your skin a chance to soak it in again.

Many ingredients need time to see results set in. Your skin needs a chance to receive the nutrients, go to work, + then debut the results.

Another downfall of frequently switching is gravitating towards products that only provide surface-level, temporary results, but never truly lasting results.

I want you feeling like a snack. Not indulging in quick-fix “snack” products that don’t get to the root of the problem.

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