Hey there! I’m Charlotte. I struggled with breakouts for 15 years until I figured out I have sensitive skin acne.

That whole time my acne hid itself as normal, acne-prone skin.

Some widely used ingredients were causing irritation that looked just like regular acne. Traditional, go-to acne products were actually too strong for my skin, creating a cycle of simultaneously treating + causing more.

Learning about routines for sensitive skin was surprisingly tough to piece together. I hope for this blog to be a unifying resource for that knowledge.

I’m too familiar with what acne does to your overall self-esteem + how held back it can make you feel.

For this reason, I am a big believer that understanding ingredients can be a huge leg up for people with sensitive skin acne. I want you to feel confident in weighing what your skin can + cannot handle. And be supported with FYI’s of what might possibly trip you up.

Acne’s not easy. I want to help make learning about sensitive skin acne a lot easier!