Hey there! I’m Charlotte. I struggled with breakouts for 15 years, thinking I had normal acne-prone skin like everyone else. Because that’s what most of us have, right?

Dermatologist appointments, failures, laser treatments, more failures. I pretty much gave up trying. This was just me + what I’ll always deal with. Then I hit a breaking point + gave it one last, left-field try.

Turns out, sensitive skin was what I was actually struggling with. Acne wasn’t my issue. Products that were too harsh for my skin were. I was treating the result (a breakout), not the cause.

I struggled with breakouts for 15 years until figured out I have sensitive skin. That whole time my sensitive skin hid as normal, acne-prone skin.

Annoyingly, the problem was throughout my cleansing routine – including the shower. Plus, typical acne products were too strong for my skin, creating a frustrating cycle of both treating + causing more. And I had no idea.

Learning about routines for sensitive skin was surprisingly tough to piece together. I’ve spent 5 years testing products + figuring out what actually works for real-life use. Meaning, what will continue to work for you past 2 weeks + not suddenly fail. A lot just fail at the 2 week to 1-month mark.

I’m too familiar with what acne does to your overall self-esteem + how held back it can make you feel. It’s exhausting.

I’m for tackling the cause, not the result. Lasting results you can trust, not shaky-fixes.